Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I hate hospitals.

I am so tired tonight.
It has been a loooong day.
I was walking out of work when I got the phone call that my roommate Courtney was just rushed to the hospital.
Ummm, what?
So, I hurried home [that's a slight understatement] and quickly changed into some sweats and sped my way to the hospital.
Here's the story:
Courtney was running on the treadmill at the gym and passed out.
She was found unconscious and not breathing.
Anyway, after hours in the hospital and one Priesthood blessing later she has to wear a heart monitor for a month and then go back in for some tests.
Here is Carly, Jordan and I at the end of our hospital experience.
...try not to be jealous of our sweet masks.
As for now, I would like to experience a lovely dream that doesn't involve hospitals, doctors, heart monitors, or Arby's curly fries
but rather involves North Carolina, sunshine, gorgeous men and pie.
To quote Newton Faulkner:
Off to the land of sleepy time I go
I'm gonna take my shoes off at the door
I'm gonna go where dreams like rivers flow
When the alarm goes off I just won't go
I'm gonna master all kinds of kung-foo
I'm gonna live inside a tiny zoo
I'm gonna grow myself a giant afro
Oh, when the alarm goes off I just won't go


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