Monday, January 17, 2011

If I were a flower growing wild and free, all I'd want is for you to be my sweet honey bee

Here is what's up.
One day I will post more pictures of my cute apartment. 
But for now here is a taste of my favorite part of it.
But I am bias... since it is my bedroom.

Anyway, here I am crawling into bed after an excellent evening spent at my friend Joe's house with the YSA's. 

It has been quite the day.
I had a very spiritual experience this afternoon.
It really scared me at first, but as the day has gone by I have realized how amazing this experience actually was. 
I have always known I was supposed to live in Wilmington since I was eleven years old.
And I know today more than ever, that this is exactly where I am supposed to be. 
Eleven year old me wasn't crazy.  
Man, Heavenly Father is so cool.

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Courtney Kearns said...

A Your hallway slash bathroom is fantastic. 2. Way to embrace your spiritual experience. Not all of us get direct revelation like that.. it would've saved me a lot of time and stress. C. You need to tell me how you do the photo arranging without only using the word fotoflexer. Love ya!