Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the big 2 0

Happy Birthday to me!
twenty memorable and slightly awesome events from my first twenty years: 
1. bike accident when I was six resulting in plastic surgeries and one embarrassing scar
2. getting kissed on the cheek in third grade and thinking I was pregnant because of it
3. heise hot spring camping and swim trips with the family (Watcher in the Woods, anyone?) 
4. there is beauty all around here at Aspen Grove 
5. change of schools for 5th/6th grade 
6. the birth of my handsome brother Bart Kendall and cuter than ever sister McKell
7. stitches in my finger, I was not meant to be Paula Dean 
8. neighborhood watch dilemma
9. cruise of '01 and hawaii vacations
10. wisdom teeth removal 
11. getting my baby Mason!!
12. getting my appendix removed day before my 17th birthday
13. parent's divorce [doesn't fall under the slightly awesome category]
14. Wizard of OZ!
15. graduating high school 
15. foot surgery
16. dad's remarriage [insert step family here]
17. sister gets married to Jacob Ryan 
18. utah state hey! aggies all the way! 
19. summer of 2010
20. moving to Wilmington, North Carolina
...and so much more.

I'll post pictures of the day's festivities another time.
as for now, I have some serious, serious shut eye to attend to.

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Laurel Rasmusen said...

Oh my gosh!!! Please tell me Watcher in the Wood's was the movie our families watched when we were in Salt Lake! hahaha that was the best! And cruise of 01? Holla! I remember that one! I miss when our families were besties.