Friday, February 4, 2011

words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup

Right now is one of those times I wish I liked the smell of coffee
like normal people do. 
But nope. I don't and it's not growing on me either.
Even though at this very moment I am sitting in Port City Java on Market, with a hot chocolate that I paid to much for (why do I always forget I don't like hot chocolate THAT much?) and smelling the strong coffee aroma.. yuck
But it is raining outside, well pouring what else is a girl to do?
I don't feel too pretty today so that picture is the best you are going to get. 
However, my Ingrid Michaelson Pandora radio station is doing me wonders, I should have known, she never disappoints. 

aaaand it is still raining. 
Lately, my mind has been running faster than the speed of light, I swear to you. 
Here's some of my thoughts...
Watch out. This could get ugly. 
I was never meant to live out West. 
I can't wait to get married and have little babies (Yeah, I know I have never been that girl... but it's been on my mind!) 
Everyone should move far away from home, even if they move back one day, it is a learning experience like no other. 
Why are there floatation devices in airplanes but no parachutes? 
I feel at least 3 years older than my age.
I hate the dating world... soooo much. 
Never in my life has my testimony and spirit been so strong. 
I am so lucky to have found such a great job out here!
Growing up is hard but such a thrill. 
I could live off of cereal.. and I kind of do.
When I think of myself in High School and beginning of college, I don't even recognize her. 
and shoot, I still hate the smell of coffee...

the end. 

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Emily Dickson said...

Hey so I totally recognize you! Well, kind of, BUT I've seen you in pics with my husband's stepsis Jaimie AND I've seen you in pics with Kimmy Killpack (went to high school w/her). Haha small world!!

AND I like this post.. lots. I definitely agree with this one: "Everyone should move far away from home, even if they move back one day, it is a learning experience like no other."