Sunday, February 13, 2011

[insert creative title here]

One thing I love about my job is the drive to and from work
(well mostly the drive coming home)
but I get do drive over the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge
what is that?
It's the bridge behind me in this silly picture.
 but honestly, every time without fail that I drive over that bridge leading into Wilmington I shake my head in pure amazement that this is finally my life
I remember the many days growing up that I would google picture after picture of the exact view I see every time I drive home.
You would think I would get used to it...
but nope. I am not sure I ever will.
I live in a dream... except it's reality?

Work is going well. The days won't get real busy until March when winter months officially end.
(to me though this is early summer weather... these people are crazy!) 
however today was a full scheduled day, so we had golfers rolling in and out alllll day. 
and here I am at work.
yes, I know it's in the bathroom. but it is one of the only times I actually sit down at work
to much information? tough luck.

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