Friday, February 18, 2011

praying for Amanda

All of us awesome YSA's here in Wilmington are doing a competition with the local missionaries to see who can pass out 500 of the pass along cards (because they are awesome.. but really, they are) anyway...
On Monday everyone got together for Valentines day on the UNCW campus and handed out our cards attached to candy and a short testimony. 
Rad right? 
Well, that same day Eve ran into a girl who is a member but for one reason or another stopped coming to church. 
Anyway, long (but awesome and totally worth hearing... someday) story short, Eve invited this girl Amanda to our FHE later that night.
Amanda came and was the bomb. and was so excited to had finally found the local YSA's and to start coming to all of our activities. 
That was Monday. 
Fast forward to Tuesday.... 
Amanda finds out she has brain cancer. 
break my heart. 
She goes in tomorrow for immediate brain surgery.
So this is my plea to whoever stumbles upon my little blog to 
please, please, please keep Amanda in your thoughts and most importantly in your prayers.
 I am so grateful that Amanda found us right in time and I in no way believe it was a coincidence. 
Heavenly Father is amazing. heck, the gospel is just amazing. 

Please remember Amanda.
I can't say it enough.

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