Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I should be sleeping

I really have no good reason to be posting this picture beside the fact that I just came across it and figured "hey, why not?" 
This was my last time visiting Temple Square before I moved.
Lovely place, isn't it? 
Speaking of lovely... today wasn't far from it.
I had a five star lazy day, helloooo day off! 
if you take away the pounding headache I had all day, it really was just great.
and I finally watched The Bachelor Finale
Emily and Brad... nailed it! I love her. I love him. I love them. 
curse you reality tv.
Tonight I hung out with a boy. He's one of my favorites. 
Ohhh. You would like to know more wouldn't you?
Too bad. 

Well that was fun. and so random. 
Maybe one day soon I will have a more exciting post for yall. 

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