Saturday, March 12, 2011

stuck in my mind i'm wasting time

Yesterday at work we discovered a new app for my phone (photobooth check it outtt) but of course we decided to have a little photoshoot with it when no one was wandering the golf shop. Here's my go around but really, I decided I have the hardest time keeping a straight face when someone has a camera in my face. or maybe just at all.  

Last night a bunch of us got together and played some volleyball and basketball followed by a movie session at my apartment with goodies galore! But today... ahh today... it is amazingly perfect outside. and 70 degrees! I will be spending my day outside, that is a given. I am talking in church tomorrow, so I should probably get to work on that too...hello procrastination. sucks we're best friends and all. go die.....

10 things that make me terribly happy
(because I'm in the most annoyed/confused mood today, must shake that feeling...) 
1. driving over the Cape Fear Memorial bridge on the way home from work
2. Seeing an older couple in love
3. finding a new song written for my life 
4. not having to set an alarm for the morning
5. a certain boy (lame lame lame) 
6. finally getting that perfect picture
7. a bowl of my favorite cereal with no side of guilt 
8. crossing items off on my "to do" list 
9. reeses shake (extra reeses) from Cook Out 
10. driving with my window down and music blasting 

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