Sunday, April 24, 2011

east coast living 101

1. you must fold down the inside of your cereal to protect it from humidity 

2. the salt from the ocean helps your hair handle humidity, even after you've showered ...another reason to be a complete beach bum

3. when you hear hundreds of frogs chirping abnormally loud... a storm is coming in
4. bunny rabbits  run loose out here and they're everywhere, i compare it to squirrels out west ...but not squirrels. bunnies. BUNNIES!

5. sometimes it is necessary to buy a new wardrobe when the clothes you previously owned no longer work in the hot humid climate where you now reside

6. cotton and humidity do not mix. it suffocates you [enter new wardrobe here] and blow dyers are not necessary, just go outside, it'll do the trick and it'll do it 10x faster

7. never rely solely on the weather man, he's very often WRONG

8. summer tourists need to go home and leave us locals alone, you crowd our streets and tend to be A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G 

9. just because it is cloudy, possibly rainy outside does NOT mean it is colder and therefore okay to wear sweatpants. because it's not. it's still so, so hot and even MORE humid.

10. when you go out to your car in the morning and find yellow all over it, don't worry. it's just pollen. and when you go out the next morning and find your car all wet, no it didn't rain, it's just the humidity 

oh... and nighttime beach trips with your best friends never get old

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Melanie J said...

I decided to creep on you, and go back and read all of your blog posts. It's not like we know each other much, but I feel like we have IFHS class of 09, older sisters from IFHS class of 07 who then went to Utah State, and of course, NC to connect by. Anyway, I like reading your blog, and I agree so much with #9 on this post! I often think it looks cold outside, and am surprised when I get out there and it's soooo hot!