Friday, May 27, 2011

10 things that make me terribly happy

1. when i find that one song that i am pretty sure was written just for me
2.  a five star lazy day by the water
3. fresh sheets and a clean room
4. the freckles popping up all over my lips... oh, you north carolina sun....
5. downtown therapy with my best buddy mary ellen messer and the drive to carolina and wrightsville beach's far past perfection...but really
6. "just because" text messages
7.  body surfing.... bliss. 
8. saturday morning when the annoying children who wake me up every weekday morning waiting for their bus are still tucked into bed leaving me to my dreams ...6 more days of school left for them (yes i am counting, it's pathetic)
9. scaring the children from my window when they get off the school bus every afternoon (they call me "it" byyytheway)
10. my life....i've never been so happy
wilmington, i owe you

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