Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ok, so... I lied

This hurricane is something to worry about. i conveniently left out that last Thursday we were graced with multiple waterspouts/tornadoes at carolina beach... don't know what those are? either did i. here's some photos from thursday:  

 lots of fun, right? i didn't think much about it at the time. but now i am slapping myself for it. ok, now today. we had an earthquake. not cooool. (especially when you are on a bike when it happens. like me... ouch) and an update on hurricane irene: wilmington is her main target. and it's expected to be at LEAST a category 4.... highest category? 5. it's time to get serious about getting a kit together. so tomorrow i will be punching into my savings account and hitting walmart (if anyone wants to donate to my kit fund.... that'd be fine, HA) anyway, i don't write this to scare any of you. i'm going to be perfectly fine. it's just all about preparedness. though i wouldn't mind a hug from my mom to calm my slightly rising nerves... some good news: i finally have a legit excuse to buy rain boots! and the ugly rain pants and jacket... but let's not talk about that. okay-- it's definitely 1 am and i work at 7 before my a date with walmart. adios! 

sincerely, hurricane irene's best bud

ps. some prayers would be nice!  
thank you in advance!

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