Thursday, October 20, 2011

here's to happiness

10 things that made me terribly happy today
 (and by today, i actually mean yesterday.... sometimes i forget to click the "post blog" button... oops) 

1. waking up to a good morning text by one of my new favorite people 
2. struggling to get out of bed at 6:30 in the morning when my boss texts me to "sleep in this morning and go ahead and come in whenever you're ready." how did you know? thanks Ronald! 
3. hanging out with my roommate lindsay and her dad after work.
they're funny people. i love them. 
4. shaving my legs with my brand new razor. my legs feel mighty soft, smooth and silky! 
5. calling my grandparents and talking to them about life. they are brilliant people with the best advice. i love them so.
6. five mile run at the loop with the perfect breeze. rock on!
7. watching the leaves change colors, the humidity disappear and the cold front coming in. i. love. fall. so. much. 
8. staying up until 2 am laughing with my lovely roommate lindsay
9. playing the most random texting game with jameson. gobble gobble? 
10. painting my nails the prettiest fall color while watching the vampire diaries

on tonight's agenda: caramel apples with some quality people! 
life's pretty great, ya know.  


Braden Thompson said...

Is it your year anniversary of starting a blog yet? I swear it was in October sometime.

The Landons said...

You look so beautiful!!!!

Paige Andy said...

Holy cow, that sounds like the absolutely perfect day. Just READING about it made me happy inside!