Sunday, April 22, 2012


i really hate capital letters, even though apparently you have to use them on occasion. 

though i tend to be a mild tempered person and try to stay as calm as possible, i do have a list of people i would like to repeatedly bash their face in. 

i do not understand girls that babysit their man candy. why must you know where they are all times of the day? annoying.

 one thing i know for sure is that people grow apart. friendships can unexpectedly end and life moves on. new friendships are formed and take higher priority. & that's life. but lucky are we to have family that is always there. no getting rid of them (though sometimes, i think that would be rather nice ;)

that store hollister scares me. really. & all the people that wear their clothing.

i've secretly always believed i may have a minor learning disorder.
& and it sucks. i can be a stupid, stupid woman. 

i try to be the best person i can be. i don't ever want to look back knowing that i didn't try.

my biggest fear is being forgotten. 

within the last week my life has taken a hard and unexpected turn, or rather a change. & i refuse to tell anyone because sympathy is the last thing i need. & i'm dealing just fine.

i have two brothers and four sisters. did ya know that?

 i really wish i wasn't the stereotypical girl. i save cute texts, blush and giggle, i'm catty, my reasons don't make sense, and heaven forbid if i get jealous. please, get this estrogen out of my system. 

i have the world's biggest crush on one of the big honchos at my work. & have for over a year now & and i probably will until the day i die. my grand children will know about this crush. (it's that big)

italian is the most beautiful language and england has the most dreamy accents. (a close tie with australia... but what can ya do)

do i look like a rug do you?

i have found my Ouiser (steel magnolis fans... you get it, right) miss rowe and i have the classic claree and ouiser friendship & and it's my favorite. 

right now i am listening to wakey! wakey! & forgot how lovely he is. 

to figure out my left from my right, i put my hand over my heart. & and there be my right. yes i am a child.

& that's the end.
i think i will sleep now.
catch ya on the flip side. 


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Ally Porter Doman said...

Have I ever told you how much I like you? Post more often! I eat your posts up. I miss you. Come visit..ready go. Also you should know, no one could ever forget you!