Sunday, June 24, 2012


i've been a little mentally absent the last few weeks or so but folks i am back and in full force like you've never seen! the smile is back and today... i sang into a hair brush [gasp!]


 i've had such an out of body week! but i learned so so so much!

for example.... 

i learned that the urban dictionary defines the word "immature" by simply putting 'guys' -love that urban dictionary! 

i've learned that when it's all said and done my family sure is amazing and will do anything for me. and i think my sister would kill anyone who hurts me if she could. makes me feel purrttyy good. 

i learned just how big of a bullet i truly dodged

i learned that my mom and aunt mary jo fly into wilmington thursday and my excitement is definite! 

i learned i love a man with class, maturity and a higher level of respect 

i learned that after 2 straight hours spent in the ocean my hair turns into another level of disgusting. you see?
beach hair is not sexy.

 moving on....

i learned the beauty of blocking dumb people on facebook

i learned that my roommate lindsay reads my blog??? 
[hi lindsay. sup?]

i learned that it's time to pop in my favorite movie (steel magnolias.. duh) and let it put me to sleep a happy girl. 

most importantly i learned no matter how much your heart hurts the world keeps spinning and there is always a light around the corner, a light that is brighter and better than the one before. 

...and i'm out!


Claire said...

Lauren are definitely figuring out how to handle the ups and downs of life with such a great attitude and perspective....if only all of us could be that lucky!!! You are looking great and I wish I could see you more! :( Have fun this week with your mom and mary jo and remember that you are loved!! :)

J'Nae said...

Oh what? Hey. What up girl.