Sunday, July 8, 2012

eyes wide open

it's definitely almost 3 am eastern time and i am wide awake.
more wide awake then ever actually.
which is not cool since i was up until past 3 am last night chasing a roach all around my apartment with a broom but that's a story for another post.......
i am oh so buzzed right now.
but chill. not in that way.
i have so much sugar in my system.
i am on a sugar buzz.
 and good grief.... it's keeping me up! 
tomorrow, oh tomorrow... i will have a sugar hang over.
of that i am sure. 
i guess it would do good to explain why i am sugar buzzed?
my good friend jess gets married in [count it]... 6 days!
and tonight we threw her one crazy, crazy bachelorette party.
complete with plenty of (virgin) drinks
and lots and lots of candy and treats.
successful, indeed.

i'll post tomorrow, i have lots of updates.
coming soon.....
mom and mary jo visit to Wilmington
4th of July 
things that make me terribly happy

but for now....


let's just be real.

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