Monday, October 1, 2012

do we have a birthday here?

it's my seeester's birrrthhhdaaayyy!
ohhh my gosssshhhhh you guys oh, my gosh, you guys! 
here is 24[she's 24] reasons why i [totally] admire my big sis

courtney morrison kearns  
1. let's just get it out there.. she's a beauty. like, seriously... it's slightly ridiculous. 
2. she's understanding. court seems to understand every person's point of view and handle the situation with grace and class.
3. she's my biggest fan, my toughest critic and my greatest protector. if anyone messes with me, hurts me or mistreats me, court will start getting everything ready to slash some tires. [you think i'm joking, huh? i'm not.] she takes big sister to the next level. 
4. she's witty. and so clever it's incredible.
5. she's a fashionista and beauty queen. everything i know [which still isn't much] about makeup, clothes and hair i get from her. i remember secretly watching her get ready in the morning and trying to copy everything she did. she's brilliant. 
6. she's a social bug
7. she's the best example that me and my younger siblings could possible have. i used to tell my few friends that when i grow up i want to be just like my big sister. and that is still the rock solid truth! 
8. she's very classy. the modern day audrey hepburn. 
9. she's a lot of fun. always coming up with dances and sneaky pranks to pull. count on her for a good time. 
10. she's sassy. such a little sas that one. 
11. she has a voice of an angel! seriously people... i could listen to her sing for hours. and pair her up with her hubby jake and it's a total dynamic duo. the next tim and faith. 
12. she's amazingly strong. we've gone through some tough times and she was always so calm and collected. which i never understood but always appreciated. she was always strong when i couldn't be. it's incredible. 
13. she's creative! which honestly, this is something i am recently discovering more and more with her pintrest projects but good grief, woman... why didn't i get that gene? and who'd it come from? 
14. she has fabulous taste in music. for the most part, every good new song i get comes from her. i don't know how she finds them all but hey, who's complaining? 
15. she's a chocolate lover galore! court always always always has a secret stash of chocolate somewhere in her bedroom [and now i am sure in her house] and you can count on every sunday at church her ripping out a bag full of chocolate. 
16. she pulls faces like the one pictured above. well maybe not so much now days. but she should. and this one here.
hmmm.... i just really wonder who she gets it from....
 17. she is a very dedicated friend, daughter, sister and wife. she knows her role and the importance of it and she is the best at them all.  
18. she's going to be an amazing mother one day. she has always had a "motherly sense" to her with everyone. she puts people under her wing and cares for everybody. she's a nurturer. and a great one!
19. she's really a great cook... i really miss her homemade meals. boo. 
 quite the time jump there, huh? i had to skip my awkward(er) stage.
moving right along...  

 20. she kills everyone with kindness. 
21. she's aware of all the needs of those around her and those closest to her. she is always thinking of others, i swear it.
 22. she loves me for me. and no one knows and no one has seen every little side of me like she has and she still loves me and would do anything for my crazy self. 
23. she supports me. she was my biggest supporter when i randomly decided to move across the country to a city no one knew and leave everyone and everything i knew behind. it was crazy. i was crazy. but she supported me when no one else really understood.
 24. her testimony. i've always known that my sister loves the Lord and believed in the church. i just knew it. and i got fuel from that. whenever i doubted the church and was confused, if i just told myself that "well, courtney knows it's true.." that kept me hanging on a little bit longer. my testimony grew into what it is today because of hers. she probably doesn't even know that. [well. until now!]

        happy birthday seeester i love you!
     ps you can check out her blog here! 
also. what is going on with my text spacing on here today?
good grief. you'd think i have never blogged before.
my apologies! 

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Carolyn said...

What a great birthday tribute to your big sis. She is a wonderful big sister to you and your an equally wonderful big sister to Kendall and McKell. I love you!