Thursday, January 3, 2013

farwell 2012... hello 2013

can you believe it is 2013?!??
i hardly can! it is blowing my mind just a bit.
i try to do a recap of the previous year..... this one came a tad bit late.
but better late than never.... right?
2012 flew by creepishly fast and thus trying to think back on "highlights" was pretty rough. everything seemed to blur together. but, i tried.
and now, without further adieu....  

highlights from 2012:

celebrated the chinese new year with friends and mustaches 
made this fun video with friends downtown
 i celebrated my 21st birthday! 

i was called as the relief society president and have been blessed countless ways since. 
my dad, brother kendall and sister mckell came to wilmington for a great visit!

immediately followed by a visit by courtney williams

one of my close friends, amber, was baptised!!
my mom and aunt mary jo came to visit! it was amazing. 
my friend jess became a married woman

i was chairman of the wilmington regional ysa conference of almost 200 people and somewhow by some miracle... pulled off one pretty dang awesome conference/weekend.

 i officially entered the film program and my life got crazy busy and i slept in weird places

 i got a new job at the country club of landfall and left my job of almost 2 years at cape fear national (this photo is coming out of work on my first day at landfall.)
my dad and step mom nicole came to visit wilmington. we had a blast! 

   conquered halloweeeeeeeen. 

voted for the first time! unfortunately, it didn't go my way.
 Thanksgiving in Greenville with Kelly and her family
        finally made my way down to charleston with kelly and patricia! we had fun.

and last but not least..... made it home to be with my family for christmas!!!
here's some of the goofs.


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