Monday, February 18, 2013

movie buzz

oh, hi. 

what a week it has been. so far, i have absolutely loved my experience on the movie. it's been such a rush. they are long days, and a lot of hard work... but really, i love it. i didn't realize how close i would become with the cast and crew. you quickly become a family.... spending days in a row for 14 hours every day.... it's bound to happen. i'm already dreading the end of shooting and i still have 10 days left. this whole experience has really confirmed that i am doing exactly what i want to do. i love being on set. i love the atmosphere. i love that when i am there, nothing else in my world matters. i love how close you get with everyone there. i'm just really loving it. did you know that? 

my only complaint: all day, every day, i have to wear a walkie talkie on my belt hooked to a mic on my chest and a ear piece hidden in my ear so i can be in constant communication with the producers. that's at least 14 hours of talking inside my ear. the voices in my head now sound a lot like producer "True Drew" Powell. he's also been in a few of my dreams this week. by the end of the day, i am tearing out my ear piece. however, it does make me look puuurrrty dang professional. so, that part is cool!
oh, and also, i exchanged numbers and am now friends with Lil' Romeo. so, well, that is pretty cool, too...... 

duh, i have photos from week 1. 

This is "Slim" our boom mic operator and one amazing dude!

and a fun video from friday night's shoot. we shot a step show scene and between shots everyone was just messing around having a good time. this is of a few of the guys and of "true drew", the co-producer/1st AD and coolest guy ever. 

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Carolyn said...

Keep us updated on your movie! I love hearing the details! So fun! Love you!