Monday, March 25, 2013

If I could pick one song to describe my life right now, it would be.....

10 things that made today a good day:

1. closing shift at work. granting me a couple more hours of sleep. 
2. tournament at work. i love working tourney days. they spoil us even more. they fed us chick fil a, and lots of it. (hello, gym)
3. i love mondays. because mondays i get an e-mail from the boy i am lucky enough to call my best friend. also, hence the song. (awwww)
4. texting with my brother, sam, and catching up on life. he's a pretty cool cat, i must say. favorite quote from him today- "turns out Polaks freak me out a little bit more than I thought they did." (Polaks = people from Poland, if you're wondering.)
5. did my laundry!!!! fresh sheets!! 
6. somehow caught myself deep cleaning my bedroom. it serves as a pretty great stress reliever. try it out sometime! (preferably on my apartment)
7. my mother. i love that lady. 
8. getting out of work one hour early today. that extra hour allowed me to be quite productive with my day. 5 gold stars!
9. successfully fixing my vacuum cleaner! usually, things i try to fix end up worse in the end. so, this. was. HUGE! 
10. ending my night in a clean room, warm bed and netflix. (duh)

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Carolyn said...

This is one of the best songs....EVER! I can't listen to it enough. After our conversation you inspired me and I dug into my room, blankets, sheets etc. So now, I too am happily snuggled up in a yummy, clean, comfy room , checking on my girls blog and about to watch my nightly episode of Criminal Minds. Thanks for your great example. Sure love my Peaches!