Thursday, November 21, 2013



++ i am suffering from a post vacation depression.
i spent the last two weeks in utah for my best friend's wedding, 
seeing family and friends and in northern california with my 
sister, brother in law and new perfect, sweet and
freakishly adorable nephew, graham. 
t'was perfect!

++ i am so ready and so excited to move to utah. i definitely
received further confirmation while out there that it is the right
move for me.  i'll take the plunge after new years! 
come at me 2014!

++ the first song on my little playlist was shown to me 
to by sister because it is pretty much the story of my life
right now. don't you love finding that?  
sara, you've done it again. 

++ the new cw show, "reign" is my newest obsession. so addicting.
again, i can thank my sister for that.  

++ i am fairly certain i am one of the luckiest gals alive. 

++ happy (almost) friday!

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