Wednesday, December 4, 2013

here goes nothing

i am moving back out west in a week in a half.
i woke up one morning early this week after a lot of prayer and self reflection
and realized there is no reason to sit on my hands anymore about it
i know it's happening
i know i am moving no matter what
there's nothing else holding me back here in nc
time to go. time to keep growing.
i put in my notice at work
made the necessary phone calls
and i am ready to go. 
it's scary, don't get me wrong..... 
wilmington has become my home and it'll be hard to leave it.
but for the last three years, i had the incredible opportunity to live my dream
and i did it. i did it well.
i am not giving up on my dream, this dream has just come to an end
i am beginning a new dream

that's what life is about, right?
experiencing different things, different dreams
life is meant for growing, progressing, learning
it's hard to realize and to accept that the place you have come to love and call home
can no longer provide those necessary and crucial parts of life 
but i have sincere faith in this next step of my life
three years ago when i moved across the country all alone
i lived by the saying, "feel the fear, and do it anyway."
today, three years later, i am again living by that saying
i did, i have, and i will feel the fear, and i will keep doing it anyway

i'm everything from anxious, nervous, scared, and excited to end this chapter
and open another one that includes more of the most important people in my life

idaho, i am coming at you for christmas.
utah, i'll be coming at you shortly after. you will be home!

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Carolyn said...

Love you Lauren. Christmas will be better with you here. See you soon!