Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life as of late


++ officially settled back into my utah roots and loving it. started my semester back at utah state yesterday and so far, so good! feels great to be back in the ring. 

      ++ my sweet nephew was blessed this past weekend. it was lovely! 

++ austin and i are loving living closer to each other! it's so much better than being 2,000 plus miles away. now i have absolutely no idea how we managed that! 

++ maybe, sort of, kinda getting used to this utah cold again (knock on wood) 

++ guilty of being totally stoked for this season of "the bachelor" or, as austin calls it, i'm excited for "jaunuary"

                   ++ today, three years ago, i pulled my car into wilmington, north carolina. i miss it everyday, wilmington will always be a home to me. but i feel really at peace because i know, without a single doubt, that i was led to this decision by the spirit. and the comfort that brings is pretty dang unbeatable. 

Some of my favorite people. I am so blessed!

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Yahoo! A new update!