Sunday, March 9, 2014

checking in

7 months ago i met this guy and my life hasn't been the same since
when i met him, life wasn't on my side. he was there when i was broken and he was there to put the pieces back together. he makes me a better person than i could ever hope to be without him. everyday i wonder how i scored him. seriously though, i realllly can't figure it out.
i'm madly, head over heals, ridiculously in love.
i even love those things about him that can drive me crazy. 

i'll cancel the gross love talk now. 
i am indeed turning into one of  'those' girls -- 
but this blog has documented my life for the last 3.5 years
it's fulfilling to go back and read how far i have come and read the experiences where i learned lifelong lessons.
in the span of this blog i have moved to north carolina
fallen in "love" twice and had my heart broken. twice. 
met friends. and lost friends. 
had the time of my life
grew up and learned SO much about life
been bullied and experienced betrayal
made some of the hardest decisions i've ever had to make
moved back to Utahhh
and so. much. more.
why stop now?

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Carolyn said...

Loved your post. However, it's been long over a MONTH that i, as well as others, have been checking for an update!