Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 11: What's in your makeup bag?

Alright girls.
Not to long ago I didn't climb into bed until 7 am. When I
woke up with my makeup miraculously still in tact I thought, "Oh my goodness, women need to know about this mascara!"

SO here's my plug for Cover Girl's LASH BLAST mascara. It's perfect for an I'm-going-out-and-not-washing-my-face-till-morning night! (and it's certainly in my makeup bag)

Today I am thankful for: makeup.
as much as I hate it... I also couldn't live without it.

Also- I just got home from the movie Secretariat. I didn't go into the movie expecting to love it. I've never been huge on inspiring movies where the main character is an animal. But I am not sure if it was the great acting, the moving storyline or the amazing directing by Randall Wallace (Yeah, I know I am a film geek.) But this movie was just awesome. Seriously, check it OUT.


Sammy Smith said...

I love that mascara, and that movie, and you! Haha your blog is way too cute girl.

The Jasper's said...

That is the same mascara I use too!! Love it!! And the movie... all the girls in my family went on saturday and we all Loved it!! It was super fabulous! Love your blog... love you!!