Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 18

Something I crave a lot....
I crave a lot of things. But never at once.
I go through stages where I will crave something.
But then a month or so later, I will crave something entirely different.
Right now?
Charlie's ice cream.
(As my sister and my roommates will attest)
I have a severe addiction to this:
Mint chocolate and oreo milkshake made by the nice (though sometimes hating life) girls at Charlie's.
so. so. so. good.
I dread my last milkshake before I move.
I may even cry.

Oh by the way.
I am sitting in English class right now.
So, that's fine.
On that note...

I am crazy thankful today for my education. I am loving that I have my High School diploma. And I am so thankful I have the opportunity to go after my dream and attend college classes. Even more, I am thankful that I have a Dad who worked so hard in his education and career to pay for me to fulfill my dream.
So I guess that means I should get back to English 2010. Even though we are really just sitting here doing absolutely nothing. Which seems to always be the case in this class.
But I love it anyway. Over and out.

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