Friday, November 12, 2010

Yesterday I was sitting on campus in a perfect spot that overlooked the quad and the seriously amazing fall colors. Oh, yesterday was veterans day. By the way. There were some military men doing a show around the corner from where I was sitting. That show involved gun shot sounds. Well, I was sitting there wrapped up on my computer and this lady runs over to me yelling, "Hide!!"
Ummm. what? Was pretty much my facial expression.
"Don't you hear that!?"
"Ma'am. It's veterans day. They are doing a show by the TSC."
"Oh. Makes sense..." (walks away slightly embarrassed)
So that was fun.
Though terrifying for her, I am sure.

Also. Last night I hung out with my friend Marine. I haven't seen her since last year and man, I missed her! I forgot how funny she was! I forgot how much I laugh when I am around her! She is also from Switzerland. Sometimes I make her speak French to me. Maybe I will understand some of it. I did take two years of French in High School. I should understand her, right? Wrong.

I am thankful for my little sister, McKell
Lately, I have really, really been missing her. I mean, REALLY.
She is growing up so fast. And I swear, it just happened over night.
Kinda like one day when my brother woke up one morning and he had a voice that sounded like an apostle.. I haven't always been the greatest older sister to McKell. But she really is so sweet. so beautiful (kind of makes me hate her a little bit). and SO strong. It breaks my heart when she cries to me about things going on in her life. Kids her age shouldn't have to deal with the things that she deals with. I am so proud of her.

Day 19: Another photo of yourself
Ok, sure.
This is me a few weeks ago.
Yes, I am covered in paint.

One more tidbit.
I want this.
The Audi Clean Disel Q5

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