Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just another gaurdian angel

Today has been a weird day.
It has been one big blur, pretty much.
Last night we found out my grandpa only had hours to live.
This morning he passed away.
Man, I loved that man.
He lived a long and great 92 years.
Grandpa and I always had a special connection...
and I know without a doubt he is looking over me now
...with my grandma.
How great is that?
I am so grateful for him.
I am so grateful that I was chosen to be his granddaughter.
I am so grateful he raised such a great, wonderful and strong woman that turned out to be my mother.
I am so grateful he was strong enough to push through all that he has in his life.
I am so grateful he loved my grandma.
I am so grateful he loved me.

I will do day 27 and 28 tomorrow.
I don't quite have it in me for it today.
Love you all though!
xo Laur

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