Friday, November 19, 2010

Awake In The Morning Having Come From a Dream

So don't worry that right now it is 5:18 in the morning.
And I have been up since 4:00... watching The Office.
And I went to bed at 2:00.
I feel like maybe that is not okay.
But for today and today only, it will be.
Because my dearest roommate left me at four to head to Texas.
Oh, she's so excited!
And I am so excited for her!
We decided at two am it was time for sleep so I said my goodbye.
Although, I was awake at four when her alarm went off and quietly listened to her get ready and she was out by four thirty.
I didn't let her know I was awake.
Because I knew she would feel bad.
But I love her. and I SO am grateful for her.
She's been an A+ roommate since day one of freshman year.
And of course an A++ friend.
Did I mention that I love her?
and how I love that she can read me like a book
and mostly that I can also read her like a book.
[It comes with living with each other for two years]
I will miss her... bad.

Day 26: A photo of somewhere you've been to
I have been to Kauai, HI a time or two...
Here are two of my sisters in Kauai...
Lets face it, they are cuter than me.

Alright, I should really try and sleep again...
down side: the bed next to me is now empty
up side: I go home to Idaho in 12 hours!
I'm racing against the sun now though...

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