Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh, you're adorable.

I spent Friday night with my two favorite girls.
My cousins Emma and Mia.
They made me terribly happy.
They are the sweetest three and four year olds
Some of my favorite memories growing up are with my older cousin Michelle.
So I really wanted to give them a night of memories with me before I move.
The majority of the evening I spent with just Mia.
We spent a good amount of time in the "woods"
[also known as Grandma and Grandpa's deep walk-in closet]
She ate my body weight in pizza
[and I say mine, because Mia ate more than half of the pizza herself]
Took a night stroll down to 7-11 for Slurpees
and sang "To Grandmother's House We Go" the entire way back.
She's such a diva. 

Then the two of us went and picked up our cousin Emma for a sleepover.
and sang Christmas music the whole way there.
[Please understand Emma is three years old going on thirty]
She hops in the car and the first thing she says is:
"It's going to be such a fun night at Grandma's house tonight! Oh Mia, you look so adorable."
We ended the night with the movie Thumbelina in our pajamas.

This morning I made them pancakes
while they put together a goodbye party for me.
How great is that?

Favorite quotes of the night:
Mia: "You are the best cousin ever, Lauren. Even better than Emry." [Yessss!]
Mia: "I will never forget this night."
That made it all worth it.

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