Thursday, December 23, 2010

just some awesome things

okay so maybe yesterday I was in a bad mood...
Naturally, I complied a list of awesome things to help that bad mood turn happy!
 It was wonderful fun. I will [maybe] do it again.
Enjoy! ...warning: long post 
but oh so worth it.

seeing Christmas trees through the window
when the neighbor shovels my piece of sidewalk
when I sneeze and fart at the same time... it's like getting away with something illegal 
cleaning my filthy windshield
getting caught in the rain and not caring 
getting dressed out of the dryer 
finally getting a free meal from my Cafe Rio card
successfully backing my car in 
seeing old people hold hands
finally making it past whatever was holding traffic up
hearing someone's heart beat
catching up to the car that passed you at the next red light
thinking I am out of clean underwear, then finding one more pair
when a stranger laughs at a joke between my friends and I
putting my shoes back on after going bowling 
successfully making it through airport security 
stepping on a fallen leaf
when someone pronounces my name right on the first try [LAUR-en]
driving home from a long trip and getting all my radio stations back
carrying the ice cube tray I just filled up back to the freezer without spilling it
correctly guessing if the door is push or pull 
merging into empty traffic
ripping off a square of plastic wrap without it getting stuck to itself
having the seat in front of me at the movie theater empty
seeing my reflection in the store mirror and liking what I see 
when the crosswalk changes to walk just as I approach it
seeing a plane from another plane
figuring out how we got on this topic 
looking up while underwater
going over a small hill in my car
pulling a weed and getting all the roots with it
staying up so late that everything becomes funny
somehow waking up at the right time when I forgot to set my alarm
being the only person on the beach
having a full tank of gas
when characters in a movie visit a place I have been
seeing a dog that looks like a dog I know 
finally getting the perfect picture
finishing my last exam
when that social event I didn't want to go to gets cancelled
scoring the first row on an airplane [extra leg room!]
when someone saves me a seat
the first text message from a new friend
when I should have gotten a parking ticket but didn't 
picking the right lane at the grocery store 
walking into class and seeing a substitute teacher
the last couple of hours before the weekend 
dropping my cell phone and realizing it's totally fine
seeing a far away license plate
napping with someone else
when a baby falls asleep on me
dancing when I'm home alone 
when dreams come true
the night before a really big day
when my dog realizes I am in a bad mood and then cuddles with me
successfully catching food in my mouth
giant morning stretches 
wearing my favorite pair of underwear and nobody knows 
talking with an old friend and nothing has changed 
the moment in the shower where I decide to make it a really long shower 
when my roommate cleans the apartment while I'm away
when I went to the gym yesterday 
staying in my pajamas all day
letting the waves bury my feet at the beach
being in a moment and realizes it is one I will never forget 
still remembering my childhood friend's phone number 
nudging the shower faucet hotter then a little more hotter 
when the guy with a full cart of groceries lets me go first when I only have one thing
correcting guessing the voice of the animated character 
taking my pony tail out 
when a cop finally passes after driving behind me for a while 
getting through it 
when strangers wish me Happy Holidays 
typing my username and password at the speed of light 
when my friend makes sure I get into the house safe after dropping me off at the end of the night 
when it feels like the lyrics to the song were written just for me 
the moment when I realize that nightmare was just a dream
carrying all the groceries inside in one trip 
the first couple of hours of a roadtrip 
peeling off the plastic on new electronics 
fixing my wedgie when no one is looking
sleeping with one leg under the covers and one leg out 
passing under a bridge on the highway when it is pouring rain 
that feeling in my stomach when I go really high on the swings
celebrating my dog's birthday even though he has no idea what is going on
waking up before my alarm and realizing I have lots of shut eye left

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


Laurel Rasmusen said...

Aren't those the best?!!

Courtney said...

I read this and I loved it. I agree with you on every single thing. Especially the sneezing and farting hahahaha love you!

Courtney Cook said...

I love this so much!! Thank you for sharing :) Oh.. and i'm sad you're in Driggs tonight. I Kinda wanted to see you, but I hope you're having fun :)