Friday, January 7, 2011

i'm here!

4 days and 12 states later...

We have made it to my new home!!
And oh I love it.
It was so surreal passing the bridge over the Cape Fear River and seeing the downtown lights of Wilmington. 
I had the biggest smile possible. 
[Ask my mom, it's true] 
It has also been pretty great seeing my mom fall in love with Wilmington, like I predicted she would. 
Its also pretty funny watching her in awe as I cruise my way around town in complete ease. 
People, this is my place. It is my niche. I tell ya. 
I have so many stories I could go on for days. 
However, I have been on the road for four days and really just want to crawl into bed before moving into my apartment all day tomorrow. 
I am sure the stories will come in time, so don't even worry.
[Because I know you all were.] 

Ps. My sister Courtney got a job as a wardrobe designer with Oprah today.
Umm, awesome? Nah, it's just Oprah.

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Courtney Kearns said...

OOOhkay. Not a wardrobe designer. Wardrobe assistant. And not with Oprah, for a OWN show. I won't be meeting Oprah everyone.... just Carson Kressley.