Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Up and Gone to Carolina

The last few days have been so so crazy weird and surreal. 
But awesome and life changing.
I left the comfort of my Idaho home one week ago and already can assure anyone and everyone that I have changed so much already. 
My life in Idaho and Utah seems like years ago. It's strange thinking it was all in the last month.
But life here in North Carolina is great and everything I wanted it to be.
My ward is great, and the young single adults are amazing.
My roommates are hilarious. 
and my friends are such a riot
life with us consists of Kilwin's ice cream, dancing with the wii, YSA activities, karoke nights downtown, endless amounts of Boy Meets World, and Taco 7 dinner dates at the beach [Yes.... the beach, that was weird for me too.]
Here is a fun picture of me walking downtown on a nippy Sunday afternoon.

And in case you were wondering...
I said I wouldn't, I seriously thought I couldn't but...
my new southern accent is already drastically coming.
And yes, I have been caught saying ya'll a time or two. 
What are ya'll gonna do about it?

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Lisa Smith said...

That is so exciting, Lauren! I am so happy for you!!!