Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lesson learned

Last night I was skyping with my Utah State friends and my buddy Tyson asked me, "What have you learned?" 
I was confused and responded, "You know I'm not in school right now don't you?"
"Yeah, I know. But what have you learned?" 
This got me thinking. 
[leave it to Tyson to get me deep thinking from thousands of miles away]
I know that since I have been out here I have already changed in more ways than I could even begin to count. 

 But what have I learned? 
Here's a list of a few things...

I talk really fast. 
 Heavenly Father knows me, he has a plan for me and I really believe I am going in the right direction. oh, and he is pretty much the coolest guy ever. 
 I type really hard [rip caps lock]
Living where mormons are the minority is the way to do it. 
My mom and dad are great parents, and even though they aren't together anymore, they make a great team. 
My sister is my best friend... I already knew that, but still. Also, I am one proud big sister. 
The church is true. and so amazing. 
Being able to go to the beach whenever my heart desires is one of the greatest things ever. 
I am more independent than I thought. When left to do it alone, I can and I will. 
I love where I was raised and love where I live. 
I crave ice cream like nobody's business.
Nutella is ahhhhmazing.
 I can cook! I can cook! I can cook! 
The power of prayer and daily scripture reading.
The economy sucks. 
The East coast is so great. and southern hospitality is fantastic!
Hurricanes are no joke.
The Piggly Wiggly makes me happy.
My little car has a heart of gold. 
My life is awesome and maybe I am kinda awesome too.
I am where I am supposed to be. 

In recent news:
As of today I am registered to vote in the state of North Carolina
and hold a current North Carolina driver's license
Does that make me a North Carolinian? 


Eva said...

ah, the joys of being a student of the school of life :D


Rachel said...

you will always be an IDAHO GIRL.