Friday, February 11, 2011

it's somebody's birthday...

Everybody stop what you are doing, I have the most amazing news...
It's my best friend's 20th birthday!! 
 so in honor of her birth... here are 20 things I love about her! 
...ya know, because she is (finally) 20? 
1. she accepts me for me and all my weirdness and is not embarrassed (I think?)
2. she is always honest with me
3. she loves milk
4. she goes with me on random ice cream spurts super late at night in the bitter cold (and on occasion.. deadly roads)
5. I'm her bunny and she's my rocket
6.I love that to my siblings she is their sister and to my parents she is their daughter. my cousins think of her as their cousin and my grandparents think of her as their granddaughter.
7. she calls me out and has no problem doing it
8. she is the best at teasing me
9. I swear she knows me better than I know myself
10. her name is courtney...
11. she is by far one of the strongest people I know 
12. every tall person needs a short best friend
13. I love that she has been with me by my side since we were 3 years old 
14. she supports my decisions, my dreams and my goals 
15. she accepts my weird random obsessions and addictions
16. our taste in music is almost identical 
17. she is gorgeous, I mean seriously it is disgusting...
18. she makes me videos almost daily and they make my day 
19. she is a hard worker 
20. she never gives up on me and she gets me. she just does.

this girl means the world to me. We have been through so much together. and without her I feel like I am missing my other half. and it sucks. a lot.
 I am not sure what I did in the life before to deserve her...
but good gosh. can you imagine where I would be without that girl?
and besides... she feeds me ice cream.
um. awesome!

I love you Rocket Roe.
Welcome to being 20...
I've been waiting forrrrevvverrrr! 
but really.
I miss you!
Bunny Begard 

to my dearest family: this is your official reminder that it is Nortney Nook's birthday. since you all have the memory of a fish.
(which I just recently learned was 4 seconds) 
so call the girl.
text the girl
go see the girl.
wax the girl's eyebrows for free (mom....) 
a plane ticket to come see me would make a rad gift (dad....) 
she loves a good brownie (mckell....)
kisses and cuddles galore! (mason....)
I can't be there, so make it extra special!!
oh. and I love you guys too.

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Courtney Cook said...

Goodness! Only you could make me cry and 8am :) I miss you so much and this post made my day! I love you so much Bunny! and I love your family soooooo incredibly much! Thank you :)