Thursday, February 10, 2011

it's the little things that make life awesome..
1. twisting the lid off the jar when no one else could
2. catching someone I love admiring me from across the room
3. getting buried under piles of heavy blankets on a cold night 
4. being the first of my friends to discover the newest YouTube hit
5. finding good reading material in someone else's bathroom 
6. having my place return back to normal after house guests 
7. when my computer heals itself 
8. the sound of water lapping against the dock 
9. driving with my window down 
10. the moment after the show ends and before the applause begins 
11. the guy that helped me parallel park 
12. wearing my favorite pair of underwear and nobody knows
13. letting go of the gas pump at just the right moment 
14. waking up to facebook notifications... who doesn't love that?
15. finding cookie dough in my fridge after a hard day 
16. getting off of an airplane after a really long flight 
17. when there is still time in the parking meter when I pull up 
18. remembering what movie that guy is from 
19. when my socks from the dryer all match up
20. sneaking a late night snack and hiding the evidence 

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