Tuesday, February 8, 2011

this post looks janky

Happy one month anniversary! 
I know what you're all thinking...but don't fret just yet. 
I mean it like this: 
I arrived in Wilmington one month ago today.
So, I guess you could say it's Wilmington and mine's anniversary.
Best sweetie I ever had! 
It's hard to believe it has only been one month.
Oh but I love it so much! 

Here's a little quick catch up on my life.
This weekend flew on by. 
Saturday we had our YSA "Lunar Ball" 
I went into the night feeling like this:
But ended up having a grand ol' time! 
The rest of the night went like this:
Onto more exciting news:
tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow
I start my job! yes yes yes! 
That's all I have to say about that. But seriously, I am stoked!
PS. Stoked is not a word used out here, so whenever I say it people look at me like I just spoke in a different language
But they have no room to talk in my opinion.. with their "bo-bo's" "janky's" and "y'alls" 
If they can call their broken phone bo-bo then my golly, I am allowed to be excited stoked about something! and heck, I am going to proudly say I fell biffed it down the stairs!
whew. moving on.. 
Today I put this little beauty on my car:
This means I have done everything needed to become a North Carolina resident!
The most exciting thing about this license plate is no more people in the car behind me squinting their eyes to see what state I am from.
And when they realize it says Idaho...no more confused faces thinking:
Idaho? Where's that? Oh, they must mean Iowa.
Ohh. Idaho. They have awesome potatoes. Wait.  They have cars there?

In closing, (yes this just became a church talk)
I would like to convince you all to check out my friend Marny's CD on iTunes, It was just released today. And I am kind of her biggest fan. 
It is called Go Lightly by Marny
My favorite tracks are numbers 7 and 8, they are the two I used to make her sing to me all the time.
Now it is like Marny is with me in North Carolina driving the streets with me strumming her guitar. and people, it is just cool.


Courtney said...

I love how you blur out your license plate numbers haha misss you!

Carolyn said...

Hi my North Carolinian resident! So loving your blog. I check it out everyday hoping that you have posted something. I can't believe it's been a month already since that momentous day we pulled in to Wilmington! Yet in many ways it seems like you've been gone forever. Thanks again for such a fun trip. I'll never forget it. Love you much!