Thursday, February 10, 2011

my ladies in red

I spent the majority of my night talking with some of my favorite people...
(and by talking I mean them listening while I cry.. and cry... and cry some more)
my roommates.
yes, technically my (old) roommates
but I really just hate saying that because to me they will always be my roommates, even when I am old and gray. 
It felt so good to hear their sweet little voices.
I really needed them tonight.
I am so grateful they are only a phone call away and are always willing to listen to my ugly cry that I usually save for my mama only.
I wish they were here... but oh wait! 
Courtney (far left) will be here in 26 days for a week long visit!!
I can NOT wait! 


Courtney said...

You call us whenever you need to! I loved hearing your pretty little voice :) See you soon my love!

Carly Barker said...

You're just great! I love you!