Thursday, March 3, 2011

five things... I mean six

remember this girl?
 oh what am I saying? of course you do!
well she's coming to visit me like really soon
and by really soon I mean Saturday morning at 9:00 I will be anxiously waiting at the airport to greet her.
she will be here for not one, not two, heck, not even three days...but eight days!! 
(insert crazy words of excitement here) 

today was just great.
worked all day and closed for the first time by myself.
I patted myself on the back as I turned on the alarm and walked out.
and today's weather... oh my amazingness!! 
I maybe used every excuse I could to get out of the pro shop today and take a stroll outside.... maybe. and we all know that means yes.
at least it was always a yes growing up when my mom gave us a maybe.
I am guessing that rule still applies.
after work I made my way to the church to watch a bunch of my friends play a mean game of basketball (one I was happy not to be apart of, I would've ended up with a broken hand... oh wait, that was Curtis)
But here are my roomies and I basking in the church gymnasium
Excuse the poor quality...

Yes, I do have the day off tomorrow and I am pretty excited! 

Tonight for the first time saying "you guys" or "all of you" sounded really wrong to say. it did not roll of my tongue. at all. In fact, I almost said y'all but stopped myself (I'm in denial) and said you guys instead. and as soon as I said it I was immediately annoyed. I really never thought it could happen... never never never. how did my upbringing out West go away so easily? But here I am admitting to my world that I am now a full on user of the word y'all... and I mean that like this: I don't say it just to fit in. I say it because it rolls off my tongue. It feels natural and right. Maybe this calls for a trip home... hahaha yeah right.  
Is it obvious yet that it is almost 2 in the morning? Has my random spurts of randomness not given that away yet?

If you don't already know this, then y'all need to get on top of things... 
I am convinced this is the Celestrial Kingdom (but that's my little secret) 


Jill Robinson said...

this is toooo precious! :)

Courtney Kearns said...

thank you for actually blogging lazy daisy

MissDMarie said...

Almost, I repeat, ALMOST out of the bumpkin stage onto Southern Belle. A little more work for you dear. =]

Courtney said...

Really? Of all the pictures you put that one? You know I secretly love it, I miss walking around half naked in the apartment.. Well actually I still do it but it's not the same when you aren't there! While you sleep Friday night just remember I'll be on a plane getting closer and closer going 500 mph to get to you! :) This is going to be a great 8 days!!!