Sunday, March 20, 2011

the story of my life I can't quite comprehend

Last night a bunch of us went down to the beach to see the new moon.
and it was super.
I have never seen the moon so bright, ever.
I could see all the way to the horizon.
seriously so amazing. 
We went to new part of the beach (well, new to me) which has now become my favorite part for night beach trips. it includes a hot tub. What??
So cool. Naturally we spent a good amount of our time in the hot tub all while admiring the moon hovering over my ocean.
Dana and I living the life
 Today's been.... okay.
I haven't been in the best of spirits today. But we all have our days, right?  I am positive tomorrow will look brighter! 

That's really all I have for now. I know, it's lame.
but that'll do, donkey. that'll do. 
Shrek... anyone? anyone?
alright...bye yall.

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