Wednesday, April 13, 2011

alternating update

Yes, Grandma. You are at the right blog. Its simply had a makeover. 

some quick notes:
if you haven't listened to He Is We you have not lived. in fact, i don't want to overwhelm anyone, so let's narrow it down to one song. Pardon Me by He Is We. Come on now, YouTube it .... I'll wait. 

so good, right? oh and ps. that song is kind of my life right now. so rad. 

i played basketball tonight with some guys down at the church. sometimes i feel eleven again when dylan says to adam if you don't pass it to lauren i'll give you a reeses (yes, that really happened... when i was eleven) cool. 

my little brother broke his ankle playing ball the other day. not cool. 

the book Woman, Food and God will change your life. if it were up to me every woman would have to read this. it would be law. if you don't believe me, take it from Oprah. She did an entire show on the book and it's excellence. i wonder why Oprah hasn't made it a law yet... speaking of Oprah, she has 30 shows left. ever. that's not okay. but i'm getting off track here...

i'm hungry.

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Carolyn said...

I stopped and listened to Pardon Me on Youtube as instructed. I really liked it! You are pretty much responsible for my taste in music since are eternal hours in the car! Love you!