Thursday, April 28, 2011

how bout that royal wedding?

a good day, my friends
I woke up and worked out with lindsay and jess
then headed downtown with jess, chelsea and mary
was [literally] blow over by a mini tornado
had a tasty lunch at front street brewery 
bought some legit basketball shorts from brandon h 
ran into fun sized jessenia at the mall
went swimming with mary and dana 
witnessed some more insane heat lightning 

quote of the day: 
guy walking past mary and i downtown: "hey do you know where i can find a tornado?" 
me: "uumm..." [looking oh so confused]
mary: "i think there's one in Fayetteville!!" 
... you had to be there? 

here's a random video from today 
and honestly, i only put it up because mary thinks i won't 
mary... i love you? you're my best friend and i do this out of love

now we are satisfying mary's craving with cookie dough and brownies 
while watching the movie Twister
which i feel is maybe a bad idea right now since we've had tornado warnings left and right
but we like the thrill 
please please keep the people of the South in your prayers 
they really are the best people around

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Courtney Kearns said...

I love that Glee song. And the movie Twister. Mother let me watch it for my 8th birthday party. What kind of mother lets a bunch of 8 year olds watch creepy disaster movies? Our mother.