Monday, May 2, 2011

weekend in review

so here i am, sitting at work wrapping up my last hour here. and honestly, i cannot wait to get home. i am unsuccessfully recovering from my weekend and sitting at work all day is not the way to do it.
my weekend was absolutely super though!
and worth every hour of no sleep.
[i think.]
here is the play by play, loyal followers.

worked an 11 hour shift at the golf course
proudly watched The Royal Wedding (hellooo.. her dress, enough said)
after my couple hours of acting like a complete girl i surrendered to the complete bliss of a cook-out milkshake with mary
afterwards we went on a middle of the night trip to camp lejeune(jacksonsville) to pick up ian so he could spend the weekend with us in wilmington before he deploys (boo.)
bedtime was 5 am.


ran some errands ...and more errands
soaked up some sunshine at the pool with mary, lindsay, dana and ian
went on a run with mary at our favorite park
headed downtown for a late dinner and live music at the reel cafe with my favorite people

 chilled down at the riverwalk with mary until the wee hours of the morning  
bedtime was 4 am

went to church, which is always amazing (especially fast and testimony meetings. these people are too cool!)
read scriptures and wrote in journal with mary ...perfect sunday afternoon activity
cooked some tasty baked beans for mary and mine contribution to break the fast ...we have a slight obsession with baked beans. maybe.
went to break the fast and ate delicious food before the CES fireside broadcast
stumbled into my apartment like zombies
had my hair wrap carefully removed by mary [took foreverrr] she's a good friend, that girl.
[insert osama bin laden's death and American pride here]
bedtime 2 am

it truly was an A++ weekend with my most favorite people.
i am sooooo blessed!
may will be one rad month, i am convinced.
and hey, look at that. almost 6:00... time to close!
i should blog at work more often.


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