Sunday, April 17, 2011

I live in District 12. No big deal.

Alright my friends. In case any of yall were wondering, I am safe and sound. I have gotten a lot of texts today asking how I was doing since the crazy, crazy NC tornadoes yesterday. I really appreciate all the love! Wilmington was very fortunate and the closest tornado sighting was 30 miles north. We had scary wind all day, rain and some mind blowing heat lightning. Hurricanes were of course a worry since we are indeed on the coast but we pulled out with minimal damage. But many other parts of the state weren't so fortunate. So please please please keep my fellow North Carolinians in your prayers. because they really are the best people around and are going to need some help while they recover from the damage.

Onto more exciting and frankly plain awesome news. Remember how I am obsessed with the Hunger Games series? (remember this?) and remember how they are going to make them into movies? well here's something I bet you didn't know. They are filming them... HERE! yes. here. in Wilmington. I mean really!?? it couldn't be more perfect. Rumor is they are set to start film on May 23rd and will run until the end of August. So, if any of yall are Hunger Games fans... that would be the time to come and visit me. so pretty much my life is unreal. it's almost ridiculous. just since I moved here in January they have filmed and wrapped two movies and one television show. currently they are filming one movie and a tv pilot. I think I am in the right place for film. Ya think? and apparently I live in district 12, maybe? who even knew?

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