Thursday, May 5, 2011

going orangic...

but not organic foods.
i'm not quite ready to take that leap
maybe if organic food wasn't so spendy
i am going organic with my skin products
since moving to my dear north carolina, my skin has been desperately trying to grow used to the new climate change
i obviously have no idea what works out here and what doesn't work
so i turned to some locals
and google, of course 
and made myself a bit of an expert
i decided to turn my skin organic 
more specifically the Weleda line 
[available at Target]
it is definitely on the more expensive side 
but it is fabulously awesome! 
i'm using the gentle cleansing milk:

Weleda refining toner:

and the wild rose moisture lotion:

Fun tip:
run an ice cube along your face in the morning. it kills bacteria and gives you a good boost to your day!
follow up by a light moisturizer (i use the wild rose moisture lotion here too... it smells yummy)
i intend to purchase Weleda's skin food next time
that stuff looks ahhhhmazing

i would be absolutely shocked if after 4 weeks you don't see or feel any results 
(beware: it is normal to experience some breaking out at the beginning, it is your skin getting used to the new routine. hang in there, it's worth it!) 

this stuff is the

and you'll definitely be getting some action after a few times of applying this ...i'm just saying.

nature knows best, people. 
soothe away! 

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Gavin and Natalie said... I've gotta know. Does this stuff work? You look gorgeous as always...and your skin does look maybe I just answered my own question. :) I just thought it was sunkissed. haha. Let me know!