Sunday, May 8, 2011

oh, mother

I may be biased but I know I have the best Mom pretty much everrrr. I know everyone says this about their Mom... but it's certainly not true.
because I have the best one yet.
I so wish I could be with her on her special day.
I honestly don't know where I would be without this woman 
[except I guess I wouldn't be at all?] 
but I do know that she is without a doubt the strongest person I know
and the most generous
she always has our best interest at heart 
and is always, always there for me 
and she's pretty darn sexy too! 

I looooooove you, Mom!!


KMF said...
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Carolyn said...

Oh honey. I'm so blessed to have you. And the rest of our crazy clan as well. I know I'm the LUCKIEST Mom ever placed on the earth. I've missed you so much the last couple of days. But having you so happy is the best Moms Day gift I could ask for. I love you!