Friday, May 20, 2011

tell them what you know

10 things i know for sure

1. heavenly father has a plan for me, even if i don't completely understand it
2. music can cure any bad day and pair it with a reeses milkshake (extra reeses) from carolina's finest (cookout) and you have struck gold're welcome
3. i am exactly where i am supposed to be, i have created for myself a new normal that has made me happier than i have ever been and everyday i live my dream, it's ridiculously awesome and the best feeling ever ...but really, it is. 
4. every night when i get to bed, i am a little wiser than i was the night before
5. it is entirely possible for a human being to completely change your life
6. organic skin care is amazing, i will be pushing this until yall try it. also i finally bought weleda skin food and yes, my skin feels like a baby's bottom.
7. the church is true, the church is true! since i moved to NC my testimony has grown an incredible amount. i can honestly say it has never been so strong. and honest to goodness, it feels goooood. there is not a better feeling in the world.
8. i am destined for greatness, i am simply just pacing myself. 
9. journal writing is so important and an excellent tool that not nearly enough people take advantage of. it's therapeutic! my journal has become my best friend.
10. prayer is SO powerful and SO amazing. i used to be that girl that said the same prayer every night and really just prayed so when my dad would come up to make sure i said my prayers i could honestly answer yes. now constant, sincere prayer is so precious to me and my favorite part of the day. and that feeling when you realize your prayer was just answered, isn't that just the best?

maybe i should just write a book. 


MissDMarie said...

Blogger does make that possible these day =]

Laurel Rasmusen said...

I'm with you.. It's the best feeling in the world to recognize that your prayers were just answered!