Thursday, May 19, 2011

do i look like a vampire to you?

lindsay and i decided i should trick my family into believing i became a straight thug out here in NC.... oh shoot. 
i think i just ruined it. 
ahhh well.

want to hear a story?
if no, i would advise you to stop reading now. 
if yes, keep on reading and know that i love you.
yesterday i donated some plasma. 
and those who are familiar with plasma donating will know that they take out too much blood for you to loose, so once they separate your plasma from your blood they pump your red blood cells back into you, this happens about every 7 minutes or so. fun, right? 
well not when the lady who hooks you up messes up so your blood isn't getting pumped back inside of you!
about 10 minutes into my donation i noticed my hand feeling extremely numb, but i shrugged it off. then the feeling rose up my arm and was throbbing with pain.
not okay? 
i still shrugged it off. i have pride, okay?
then i started breaking out in a sweat and in and out of consciousness, i had no energy to lift my arm for attention or talk but that's okay because the sweet lady across from me got the nurses attention for me. she then proceeded to rush the doctor in.
all i could get out between black outs was:
"my arm hurts"
"i think i am passing out"
"something is wrong with my arm"
and all i heard back between black outs were:
"who hooked her up!?"
"she isn't getting her red blood cells back!"
"you are going to be fine"
"stay with me, lauren"
don't get me wrong, this really was so much fun.
but i got paid extra for the "trauma"  
so, of course that was rad.  
i guess this is equivalent to someone who was just in some sort of a car accident and is loosing to much blood. 
who is up for round 3? meeee.
tuesday afternoon. i'll make sure i get my blood back this time. 
side effects: lack of energy for 24 hours 
...causing someone to sleep until one pm today

however, i did make it out to the park last night with my roommate.
here are some lovely pictures:
oh, ya know... just happy to be alive


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