Sunday, June 26, 2011

working two busy jobs makes a girl go a bit crazy

I am no expection. 

some may say that i have been slacking on this here blog of mine lately
but really i just have nothing of the utmost excitement to update yall on
i started job number two this last week and it is lovely. working downtown on the boardwalk is really just the best, i am loving every second of it

i've been full of some random emotions lately
i haven't been feeling to well and much myself 
i apologize, stick with me here, will ya?

i'm off to bed... big week ahead
goodnight, gooooodnight

and good morning grandpa!
since i know you check my blog every morning
i sure do love you and miss you everyday 

keep it real 

ps my car, miss rosa, may be croaking
it is oh so very sad but she is a definite fighter

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I had not known true beauty until I beheld your face, whose perfeection is unmatched.
Your beauty has but one thing which outshines it; The pure radiance of your soul.

-Your Elder