Saturday, July 2, 2011

week in review

oh hey. remember me?
between two jobs, friends, etc....
blogging has taken a small spot on the back burner
but i will be better, promise promise promise
i know some of you are growing impatient
(cough, courtney barton... cough cough)

it's been a swimmingly swell week
monday night we tie-dyed for FHE and ate flaming amys in honor of mary and chelsea finally returning to wilmington after 2 weeks

tuesday was grand. mary and i attempted to run outside in the early afternoon, we didn't make it a mile before we decided we were too young to die of heat stroke. we spent the rest of the afternoon at the laundrymat doing my laundry and washing our tie-dyes before jumping in the pool for sweet relief. we watched some harry potter while cooking mary's "comfort food" (that's mac and cheese with chili, cheetos and cheese on top for those of you wondering) then we checked out mary's new apartment on campus (boo.) we headed over to jason's and finished watching harry potter with the crew and headed home to eat an entire box of mini brownies by ourselves...i mean, what? 
but honestly, there is nothing that a day of best friend therapy cannot cure, i'm sure of it. and let me tell ya, we needed a day of it

wednesday night changed my life
end of discussion

thursday.... hello 11 hour shift, institute and dinner with lindsay

friday.... worked another 11 hour shift
it's a darn good thing i love, love love my job at cape fear national golf course ...quality people and free sundrop
finished the night downtown with mary for some kilwins and ned zeppelin (kind of) and met up with friends afterwards

tomorrow i work downtown at the henrietta and then going to a party for my buddy mac before he heads out on his mission! 

ps. i am going to start up with a daily post, each highlighting a main character in the new chapter of my story
aka my friends here in North Carolina, do i have to spell it out for you?
it's about time yall get to know who you're reading about constantly

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Carolyn said...

FINALLY a new post!!!! Your Mama was getting very impatient! Thank you my love!