Sunday, July 31, 2011

and so another week begins

anyone else wish sundays could be twice a week?
once a week never seems to be enough. 
today i went to church (of course) 
ate a yummy lunch with natalie, lindsay, dana and kevin 
watched harry potter/took a nap with natalie and kevin
now i am going to watch a movie with my roommates and make brownies
also there is a major intense thunderstorm outside 
so that's cool

this week was rather hard..
i have confidence this week will be better
i have a new perspective and a fridge full of sundrop 

notes of interest?
congrats to my friend courtney barton on her mission call!
eugene, oregon. she will be amazing! 
my sister courtney and brother in law jake made it to their new home today
Enid, Oklahoma 
i'm excited for their new adventure to start! 

happy sunday!

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Courtney Kearns said...

ohhh I'm glad someone is! haha